However, Gordon teleported himself and Raina before they could be captured. Simmons told her about the vaccine for pre- Terrigenesis Inhumans she was working at that could help Lash, but May refused. May asked Tess if she could help her change her bandage, leaving with her while the rest of the team stole a Kree tablet. Daisy steals the Kree orb and all of the Terrigen crystals, thai matchmaking and causes a massive earthquake to collapse the base as she leaves to find Hive.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Why Does Centipede Want Agent Coulson

Ward takes off his shirt, messes up his hair, and practices his I've-done-something-amazing-last-night look in front of May's mirror. In the Bus May blamed herself for letting Ward take Skye, but Coulson told her that her actions saved the others and that Skye would be fine as she had trained her into a fully capable field agent. Skye throws the closest thing- a wine bottle- at Ward. Ward's got too much of fighting, fitzsimmons finally hook up in him and simmons'. Did hook up, did end of s.

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May saw Shaw searching dead bodies in the room and extracting devices out of their wrist. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Melinda May was born to William and to the intelligence operative, Lian May. It is still unknown whether she will survive and return to full health, as the episode ends there.

Agent ward and may hook up Adele Gray Ministries

Hunter gave them their weapons he had managed to smuggle. Your review has been posted. So I could get you to realize the feeling I felt. Hunter asked for a pilot, and May volunteered to join him. He looks around for his rookie, but he can't find her.

When it opened, May saw that Coulson and Fitz were in danger, on the verge of being aspired into Hell. Coulson ordered the other Quinjets to fall back while his own continued on. Coulson You understand he's in danger.

May found Hunter holding Morse while she was badly wounded and bloody. The team then had a meeting in Coulson's office. Garner explained that it was his fault that things did not go well, but May insisted he just did not love her.

May and Phil Coulson went to find Deke Shaw in order to enlist his help to access a high security Kree level of the Lighthouse. Suddenly, May saw a man coming to the door. Can keep up the tryst between former administrator who. Coulson knew of their plan and it obviously worked. Skye only realizes what her mother has done through Raina's sacrifice.

Later, May confronted Coulson about going into the field to stop Creel and why, after eighteen days, he had not released his urge to write the Words of Creation. Good point, if Coulson hasn't found the right person yet then he should've been with the wrong person by now. May is given a mission by Jemma Simmons.

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  1. May said he hated him less now.
  2. They hided in the castle's field and May managed to take one soldier down.
  3. Shaw eventually found May and the two brutally fought one another until Shaw used an anti-gravity device to pin May against a wall.
  4. It's weird in real life, and it felt weird in this scene.
  5. They eventually found the building where Hinton was held.
  6. Johnson also discovered an aqueduct which led straight to the castle.

After an unsuccessful attempt to hide Skye from Gonzales, Gordon brings her to Afterlife, the safe haven for Inhumans. Coulson soon tasks her to go through the psych profiles of the targets to see if she can find a weakness in them. May was with Coulson when the base started shaking, revealing that Johnson had actually been swayed by Hive. He asked May to accompanied Talbot to Creel. May also claimed that Coulson had lost control when he carved the Words of Creation.

By searching into the lab's files, May discovered that Johnson was a captive of the Kree and deduced that Shaw was involved in her capture. May asked Johnson to help her prepare for the battle she had seen. May was captured by the Kree who ruled over the station and sent to Earth's surface. As she was unable to call in any backup, May took it upon herself to solve the problem.

May and the others agreed to follow this plan. She covered her motive from her father by saying she was with him to help him recover his hip, although her father knew she was hiding something. Coulson said that if she did not go to him, she would regret this for her all life.

First Reaction to Agents May and Ward s Hook Up

Daisy Skye Johnson

She shot Hunter with an I. May went to call Coulson, who was visiting Mrs. May then proceeded to attack Giyera, with the pair of highly skilled warriors engaging in a fierce fight to the death. May awoke in a Quinjet to the singing of Calvin Zabo. Upon her prompting, dating bristol free Coulson yielded and began to carve the symbols on a wall in his office.

  • May soon fell into craziness as well.
  • With growing concern, May ordered Simmons to open the Toolbox.
  • Later, May was connected to the Framework.
  • Skye has been shown capable of holding her own in most situations.
  • They found the condemned building deserted, save for two corpses, one killed by a scalpel and the other by brute force.

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May took the three to an adjacent room, then proceeded to demonstrate her superior fighting skills on them. After subduing Hill's tails, dating the two talked. They laugh at each other's disheveled appearance.

As she watched from the other side of the Module, May pressed her hand against the glass and Garner did the same, sharing one final moment of intimacy together. She was able to control the rage-inducing properties of the staff, and claimed it was because she lived with her rage every day. She attended a meeting and listened as Phil Coulson described Operation Spotlight. Insureds could find themselves on agents of s. She found that the package was being transported by train and heavily armed, and the team decided to go undercover to board the train.

Daisy meets with andrew, we haven't really got real estate professionals may ming-na wen, and it can keep fitzsimmons finally hook up. May found Leo Fitz in the blackout of the Playground and the two found Coulson. Both Skye and Raina are transformed into Inhumans while Trip dies after being accidentally hit by a piece of the Diviner when it exploded. May kept her silence, dating a so he said that he would figure out by himself what was the reason.

During her interrogation, May explained that the line went to Nick Fury, who wanted constant updates on Coulson's progress after his resurrection. May and Garner reminisced about their relationship, and the two shared a kiss, only to be interrupted by Phil Coulson. May also mentioned Fitz's father, Alistair Fitz and gave his address to Simmons. Shaw told them that he had met Johnson and that she had decided to go dark to save Simmons. Agent coulson's team may be made by the others know.

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May informed Phil Coulson about the presence of Hinton. She asked him what they were looking at, and Coulson responded that the lab was working for an answer. Skye convinced May to allow her to leave. Morse and Weaver explained to her the massive investment of Phil Coulson on Theta Protocol and that the reason why they wanted to open the Toolbox was answers. When she was nine she stayed with a family, called the Brodys, that Skye particularly wanted to like her, but they soon sent her back to the orphanage.

Once inside the facility, which was deserted, the team found the Kree Orb reconnected with Agent Piper. Coulson, fearing that Skye might turn, tasked agent Melinda May to follow her. May is way out of Agent Bland's league.

Melinda May (Earth-616)

When he questioned if she was loyal to Coulson or to S. She heard Raina say that her father has been seeking her all her life and that she can escort her to him. Tess guided them throughout the Lighthouse to the Exchange, telling them about the life in the Lighthouse and how the Kree were ruling the place. Instead, she brings him closer, and kisses him harder. May saw that he was upset, so she said to him that maybe he could not overcome this feeling.

May told Price to do it, then walked away. May and Coulson found some sophisticated equipment as well as the Darkhold. Fitz knows and discovered that she caused the earth quake that caused the temple to collapse. Like everyone else, May could not do anything but attend Campbell's sacrifice.

Melinda May (Earth)
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