Writing a blog is a bit of craftsmanship and the essayist has without a doubt aced this aptitude. It was a small task to completely throw off the remaining restrictions and return to the old proven and desired ways of Luger production without the annoying regulations. He received a handsome salary, netherlands dating free could patent all of his inventions at company cost and had all of his traveling expenses cared for by the firm. Find More Posts by BoogieMan.

The position of the ejector was changed from beneath the breechblock to the right side of the receiver, while the extractor remained unchanged. Without the inclusion of the letter, hundreds of Lugers would carry the identical number and the difficulties which might arise may well be imagined. This one seemed to be another play on the Luger name this time with an R at the beginning to replace the L. But the military style number with the suffix was retained and the new barrel marked accordingly.

Locating the Proof Symbol and Production Year

Directive that spelled out the numbering process, obviously there was for the Imperial pistols. To doubly insure their carefully guarded secret from being discovered, pistols were not only marked with the code name but also with a code date of manufacture. All production was claimed by the Wehrmacht, the German Armed Forces, who had the power to dispose of any surplus as they saw fit. The Kruger is a small bore gun that actually shoots.

Understandably when a similar ad was placed in periodicals and papers soon after many buyers passed on another Luger wanna be. Look at the top of the Luger. Krieghoff, too, assembled a few hundred Luger pistols, in the period following the war, for American occupation troops.

DWM Luger Identification Guide

Beginning in Krieghoff, like Mauser, dated his products with the year of manufacture in numbers. But most of the Lugers around in. This he did in the following manner. Strangely enough, this Model was produced almost exclusively for export outside of Germany. The to meter rear sight is mounted on the barrel just in front of the chamber.

Identification and price guide books are available online through gun specialty stores, bookstores and through some gun dealers and stores. He did not, however, give up his American citizenship. My Turkish Conehammer is all matching numbered and is serial numbered in Rumi of course. For generations the most famous name in pistols has been Luger. Find a firearms appraiser or Luger collector for a good appraisal.

  • In some cases, the old marks were left on, and one or two commercial ones were added.
  • Were there alot of duplicate numbers, or did they go back to zero with every variation?
  • Consult a Luger pistol or German military weapons identification and price guide book for a list of proof symbols.
Ammo and Gun Collector Luger Kruger and Ruger A Tale of 3 Pistols

As far as can be determined these marks were unofficially stamped, and later commercial types carried on with the identical crest. Luger had a son, Georg, Jr. If you fail to find it on the top of the Luger, look on the side of the gun above the grip. Books are the best locations for reliable lists and illustrations of all known proof symbols.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Thus it was the German Navy and not the Army who first realized the merits of the Luger pistol. The commercial serial range is separate from military production, the numbers are not intermixed.

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Again the Borchardt-Luger was the only weapon without malfunction. The sights remained unchanged. Information About Us Contact Us. Very few of these pieces were produced, the number reportedly not more than a dozen.

How to Identify a German Luger B

Though many attempts were made, none went beyond the experimental stages. No matter which course the armies of the world pursue, the Luger pistol is now and shall always remain one of the greatest handguns in history. Find More Posts by Baba Louie.

The barrel, though shortened, maintained its long, slim appearance. According to the Pistol History Society, central coast dating sites after the gun's production year will be marked on the gun. It has been said Herman G? These were the tests which led to the adoption by the U. Stoeger is a United States gun company that owns the Luger trademark and still produces Lugers.

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These men had to be armed and they assuredly were. His part in developing the Sharps-Borchardt rifle was his greatest achievement before forsaking his adopted country for Europe, where he remained for the rest of his life. Items you will need Serial number Production year Proof symbol Luger pistol or German military weapons identification and price guide book Maker's mark. The only distinctive marking of these particular guns was a new date of issue added to the one already marked over the chamber. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Approximate Production Dates for C96 Pistols

The Luger Pistol

The Luger Pistol

The Luger Pistol

It was of the finest precision workmanship and only the very best materials were used in its construction. What we were left with was a true contender that would soon come to compete with Smith and Wesson and Colt as a mainstream American Firearms manufacturer. The German military produced this similar looking gun during both world wars.

Proof marks are logos used by various gun manufacturers. Most, however, is tinder a dating or were destined for the rapidly growing German military forces of the early and mid-thirties. Harding's frugal domestic skills help readers save money around the home. So the numbers can be all over the place without making much sense. Thank you for your interesting and informative blog.

  1. Krieghoff acquired the necessary parts, doubtless through his powerful political connections, and began to assemble the Lugers requested by G?
  2. Excellent though it was, especially in relations to the other pistols of its day, the Borchardt left a great deal to be desired.
  3. Quick Navigation Mauser Lugers.
  4. Locating the Maker's Mark Look at the top of the Luger.

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These were pieces assembled from already numbered surplus parts at those later dates. Best pellet gun ever is best for shooting. Unlike those of Mauser manufacture, Krieghoff Lugers do not have a letter following the serial number, though with this one exception, they are numbered in the military system. Look on top of the chamber near the start of the barrel for a year stamped into the metal. Areas over the chamber will be unmarked on these commercial pieces.

Reloading in Competitive Pistol Shooting. The trigger and trigger cover were altered, dating methods for the latter now completely concealing the rollerpin of the sear and partially covering the sear itself. Verify that the two digits on all parts match the last two digits of the serial number. The data table at the top of this heading could then be updated to include this number as the latest one reported is N Thankyou.

How to Identify a German Luger 761B

Serial numbers and the consulting of identification and price guides for Luger and Walther firearms will help you identify which gun you own. Proof marks are as varied as the types of guns made. In this respect, it is similar to that on the Luger Carbine, but the sight itself was not the same. Of even greater historical interest than the U. Army, Navy, Police Simson Lugers.

Locating the Serial Number
WW2 Small Arms Identification Gallery

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The manual suggested using several caps stacked on top of each other for extra power but the cushion provided by more caps made it impossible for the firing pin to engage more than one or two. Years after the deaths of their husbands the two widows were constant companions.

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