But a week later, Luigi brought them up again, and this time, the date worked and they became sweethearts. To trigger love, be very caring towards the Mii, eventually they will get married. Hopefully, the two Miis that you want become sweethearts, though this doesn't always work. How long have the babies been born into the game?

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Hilariously, my Lilo asked for a disposable camera so she could take pictures of the islanders! Once again you can help them out by choosing the setting, etc. To succeed the Proposal, you must get the hearts floating above to the biggest you can be.


At first, they never seemed to meet. Thank you all for your support! If the two Miis are only friends with each other, chances are they will hang out with each other a lot, causing them to begin to have feelings for each other.


  • The Miis live in a big apartment block, with their own apartment each.
  • Copy and delete all other single Miis.
  • The first scene is at the train station where the two Miis happily chat together or look around while waiting for a train.

Should the Mii get rejected, man gemini he or she will gain an immense amount of sadness and a decrease in the relationship level with their crush. Are they spending time with each other? Each time they leveled up meant one more song they can sing together.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Rival Miis do not gain sadness when rejected. Mini Gamers has observed that this sometimes happens, especially when there is a break from playing the game for a few days after agreeing for the two miis to have a baby. This sounds basic, but have your couples got married or are they only sweethearts?

What happened is after a few hours of game-play, the two started going to each other's apartments and to the beach, to play together. This outcome is very rare and it only happens if the confessed Mii's relationship with the first confessor is lower than the interrupting Mii. Eventually, my one Mii Rana, dubai hook asked me how I felt about her being compatible with Gachapin. They will not gain sadness however.

My Miis got married, but they hadn't had a baby in months. They will say they want to propose. Like a normal confession, the confessed Mii will accept or reject the confessor. The two Miis will be together riding the merry-go-round, sometimes talking, with the other friend watching them in a bear suit and trying to give out balloons to cover up their spying.

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Rana and Gachapin were created the first week of April. The second scene is at the amusement park. They stop at the fountain and say their final words before parting.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But, the female Miis available are limited, and consist mostly of those whom both the asking Mii is friends with. Sometimes, the Mii will try again with better results. Upon touching their thought bubble, the Mii will say they are in love with another Mii, matthew hussey phone texting and want to confess their feelings.

How to Get Married in Tomodachi Life 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Or do I just need to check up on them more often? If the target crush Mii chooses one of Miis that interrupted the confession, then the player has to decide if the two should establish a relationship, while the rejected walk away in the background. Make sure your chosen Mii's are friends. Marie from Rhythm Thief and Toad get married!

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How to have same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

It's true love both times, and they're stuck together no matter what I do. The topic they talk about is important. If two Miis like the same person, there is a chance that Mii will show up. These trips speed up their relationship and make it more likely that they will marry. If the couple you want to hook up do not meet each other, there's nothing you can do about it, unless another Mii offers to introduce one to the other.

Many single Miis often will ask for the sprays, dating so jut leave them alone. Take advantage of curious Miis. This just causes undue stress. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

If the Mii being confessed has not good enough relationship to the confessor, that Mii will not show up, which still counts as a rejection. It rises the better friends they are. However, regularly checking on your islanders and also the use of special items such as Travel Tickets might help to speed things along, but we can't make any promises at this stage.

If the confessed Mii chooses the first confessor, they automatically go into a relationship just like normal. Getting them to be a couple became easier after that, when Rana started asking at the Cafe if Gachapin was seeing anybody. One a girl, and one a boy. If this fails, they will see they're not to be and their depression goes down.

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This type of event plays almost the same as a normal confession, but with a few differences. The more I forced them together, the faster they became best friends. But if they are friends or best friends, then the next steps won't be too difficult. This way, after your hook-up Miis have gotten married, you can always bring the others back.

If you succeed, the parents will give you a present to say thank-you. Wait for the heart to show again. However, in this type of confession, no other Miis can interrupt the confession. The Mii will acknowledge whatever option the player chose and will result in instant sadness.

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  1. Those items are not always common, and you may not have enough to go around.
  2. She's growing up tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Get the Miis to meet each other.
  4. This is not exactly bad as you can try to hook them up later.
  5. If you are not averse to resetting to get what you want, save when you see the heart.
  6. Ignore the Compatibility section.

It is possible to get a married couple in Tomodachi Life, by following a process of ensuring compatibility, befriending, confession and then marriage. Typically speaking, your Miis will fall in love in Tomodachi Life, and often whether you like it or not. Hopefully you'll have better luck with your new Tomodachi Life island. Then I decided to make Marie, as a potential love interest for Raphael unfortunately she has since started dating a different Mii! Sometimes, they'll start dating within a day or two.

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If you succeed and the Mii says yes, the marriage ceremony will take place there and then, and your couple will then move themselves into the Mii Homes. Hi my miis still havent had their baby even though i said yes why is this? They will try to steal the target crush away from the confessor, while popping out of the background in hilarious ways such as from the ocean, the locker, and the table near the confession.

As the name suggests, this type of love confession will usually fail if the dating Mii's relationship with their sweetheart is good enough. Since this guide got posted, I've wound up with a few more desired couples on the island, and I can already tell another wedding is coming up fast. Keep using this guide and help your Miis marry the right people. The below guide will outline what input is needed from you for Miis to fall in love, stay together, get married and even have Mii-babies. Did this article help you?

Sometimes they might ask for your opinion on the relationship, or have a fight. But I found a sneaky way to force a relationship together. Sometimes the new parents will call and ask for your help. If Gachapin got a kite, so did Rana, etc. In this scenario the location will always be the beach and they will always give a present.

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